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General information:
Collection Anita and Rinaldo Pigola – Palazzo della Comunità – Romano di Lombardia

tel.: 0363/982341

Opening: Sundays, public holidays and every first Saturday of the month 10:00 -12.00

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In March 1995, the artist Rinaldo Peeping bestowed on his hometown of Romano di Lombardia, 42 works he performed over nearly fifty years. What emerged was the collection, currently housed in the Palace of the Community (or Palazzo della Ragione). The fourteenth-century building, has been remodeled several times, particularly in the ‘500 and’ 700; last renovation was completed recently. The facade of the building, which bears a great lion of St. Mark in sandstone, is a course of river stones alternated with bricks; based on large pillars connected by large arches slightly lowered and is decorated with an elegant terracotta cornice.Under the arch is placed outside a stone table Zandobbio: it is probably a relic of Roman times, originally octagonal, but broken in half in 1609, re-used until the nineteenth century as a bank for the sale of fish. The collection is exhibited in two large rooms on the first floor, one of which is home to the city council.


The collection (also called the wife of the donor Dodesini Anita, died in 1989) it provides an overview of the artistic career of Peeping Rinaldo, born in 1918 in Romano di Lombardia. The works are exhibited according to a chronological order. Those belonging to the first phase of the artist are placed in the council chamber: these drawings and oil paintings and tempera on panel, canvas and paper. They are portraits, still lifes, landscapes illustrating environments characteristic of Romano di Lombardia. Adding some mixed media performed since the 60s. Some highlights: Landscape in Romano “Last Snow” (1944), Madonna Fontana (1944), Child sackcloth (1950), Portrait of Anita (1949-50 and 1987), Flowers (1950), Butterfly on the window (1950). On the wall opposite the entrance there is a large canvas by the same author, purchased directly by the municipality, which is the rural local. In the next room are showcased compositions different materials, on canvas or board, more recently executed three small sculptures in iron and concrete: Maternity, The Cat, The Crucifixion (1989). Titles of some compositions: Journey to the North (1961), Frame in Blue (1973), Red (1977), Ochre (1989). The donation is amply illustrated in the book “Anita Donation and Rinaldo Pigola. Drawings, paintings and sculptures,” published by the municipality of Romano di Lombardia in March 1995.

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