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General information:

Via Comelli 2 – Romano di Lombardia (Bg)
tel.: 0363/910810


10.00 – 12.00

Ticket: free


The museum was founded in 1872 by bequest of Adelaide Comelli, widow of Giovan Battista Rubini, famous tenor born in Romano di Lombardia in 1794 and died in 1854. The museum is located in the Palace Rubini, built by the artist in 1845. The ‘building was designed by the architect. Pagnoncelli of Bergamo, the same as he had planned, in the Roman Empire, the town hall and the home country of Rubies, called “the Gasparina”. E ‘in late Neo-Classical; It has rooms decorated with frescoes and stucco and mosaic floors to the Venetian. It has a courtyard with a portico; the flooring is reproduced the emblem Rubini with three rounds indicate that the precious stones of the surname. The upper floors are used in school; the use of the building for the school, for over a hundred years, was detrimental to the very preservation of the building whose restoration is still ongoing. His wife Comelli, French (the surname is Italianate) was a soprano. He survived twenty years to her husband and, in the meantime, he picked up the memories.


The museum, which once occupied a single room on the first floor called “oval room”, now occupies five adjoining rooms on the ground floor. In the foyer are exposed photographs and lithographs related to the content. In the first room, called “the pool”, there are the memories related to the life of Rubini and his closest family portraits, furniture, clothes. In the second room there are the memories of Rubini singer; It is called “pirate” for the fresco of the character that gave him fame. It is a large hall where took place the musical auditions and festivals. The third room, with frescoed ceiling, collects furniture and objects that decorated the rooms where the family lived. It also pictures showing places achieved by the tenor in his activities. In the fourth room, furnished as a picture gallery, it exhibits the many prints that Rubini acquired in the major European capitals, or received as gifts. The widow of the content would also, with bequest and to respect the will of her husband, that all the huge assets accumulated by Rubini in life, were left to some municipal authorities in favor of the poor and singers who, in the palace, he founded a school higher.

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